1. Contribute to increase the internationalization and impact of the Brazilian Political Science, Sociology and International Relations, building and consolidating an international network of research.

2. Increase the exchange of scholars on the topics covered by the project. The center will receive at least one visiting scholar each year.

3. Organize one workshops and one seminar on alternate years on themes related to the research topics covered by the center.

4. To publish two books that consolidates the results of the research led by the center team. Each book will privilege one of the main areas of the research and will adopt an inter-disciplinary and comparative approach.

5. To publish at least one paper per member of the center in a leading international journal.

6. Offer methodological training for young faculty members and PhD students in specific techniques through one week intensive courses. Each year a specific technique will be contemplated, like spatial statistics, Bayesian methods, hierarchical models. We expect to train 20 scholars each year.

7. The center will host every year the IPSA Summer School on Concepts and Methods in Political Science and International Relations. The expected attendance is 120 students a year.