Ongoing Research

"An evaluation of the relations between the Central Bank and the commercial banks in Brazil"

"Brazil, the Americas and the World: public opinion and foreign policy 2010"

"Center for Metropolitan Studies"

"Coalition Government: roll calls and the budget"

"Design, Negotiation and Approval of International Treaties: the case of the International Arms Trade Treaty"

"Determinants and outcomes of public service provision"

"Dispute Settlement in Trade & Environment Disputes: How does the WTO Mechanism Perform?"

"Government and Governance in large cities: Paris, London, Mexico City and São Paulo"

"Government coalitions in multiparty presidentialism: the case of Brazil (1988-2011)"

"Identifying Areas of Vote Concentration: Evidence from the System"

"Interdependence and Political Cooperation: the UN votes"

"International Metropolitan Observatory"

"Modes of good government in the Brazilian First Republic: the role of the National Congress in the 1889-1930 regime"

"Monetary authority and the financial system during the Brazilian National Constituent Assembly (1987-88)"

"Monitoring legislative production"

"Organizing majorities, aggregating preferences: the 1987-88 National Constituent Assembly in Brazil"

"Party Migration in Brazil"

"Political Institutions, Patterns of Executive-Legislative Relations and Government Capacity"

"Political Institutions and Public Spending: a study of the Brazilian States"

"Political Reform in Brazil: Investigating the Impact on the Party System and the Representation"

"Politically appointed positions in the federal Brazilian government"

"Politics and electoral behavior"

"Redistributive Policies in Latin-American Federal Democracies of the Third Wave: the Effect of Governor Elections on Spending Levels in Argentinean Provinces and Brazilian States"

"The Brazilian budget process – an analysis of the amendments made by State representatives in Congress"

"The Determinants of Parliamentary Behavior in the Brazilian Senate (1989-2010)"

"The Electoral evolution of mass parties in Brazil"

"The interaction between Executive and Legislative Powers in the Old Republic: a study on the introduction of partial veto"

"Vote concentration and spatial dynamics"