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Dispute Settlement in Trade & Environment Disputes: How does the WTO Mechanism Perform?

This research project analyzes how the WTO Dispute Settlement Understanding performs when dealing with a particular cluster of trade disputes. These disputes are characterized by trade barriers imposed for environmental and public health reasons; in this paper, they are referred to as T&E disputes. T&E disputes have been channeled through the WTO dispute settlement mechanisms, which contain strong enforcement mechanisms that are expected to deter non-compliance.

Researchers collaborating on the project "Social Network, segregation and poverty"


Renata Mirandola Bichir
Miranda Julia de Oliveira Zoppi
Maria Encarnación Moya Recio
Graziela Luz Castello
Maira Rodrigues
Rafael Barros Soares

Researchers collaborating on the project "Government and Governance in large cities: Paris, London, Mexico City and São Paulo"


Samuel Ralize de Godoy
Ana Beatriz Henriques
Telma Hoyler
Leandro Padua Rodrigues
Carolina Requena Pereira
Marcos Vinicius Lopes Campos
Karin Deleuse Blikstad
Ana Paula Galdeano Cruz

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